May 7, 2011

sneaky bastards.

aka, Chi.nese people.

I've been gifted a large amount of Hangzhou's famous dragon well green tea over the past week from 3 of my students on seperate occasions.

Uh-oh. This made me nervous...what do they know that I don't and what do they want from me?(how sad is it that I cannot see any gift as just a gift anymore, it is always tied to some manipulation in this culture). I miss the days when I had no idea about the downsides of Chin.ese culture and I thought everyone was being so nice to me by giving me gifts.

Well, I got my answer today when I opened my email and found a request from some high-ups at the hospital asking me to sit on the panel of interviewers who will interview hospital staff to go to America for internships.

Sneaky turd students. They knew before I did.

Sometimes I just want people to stop manipulating me and treat me like a real person. Is it too much to ask to have decent conversations with people that are forthright and honest?

This puts me in a bit of a predicament. Basically, I have to sit on the panel because my boss asked me to, not doing so would cause her and I to "lose face" with the higher-ups. (And I need this hospital's "guanxi" - or "relationship"). But sitting on the panel could potentially cause rifts between me and some of my students because I have many students who are planning to interview, and of course, I can't show favoritism - though I will be expected to. Integrity...what a rare quality around these parts.

I'm not sure what to do. Stuck between a rock and a hard place - unfortunately a familiar feeling as a foreigner in this culture.

Oh well, gonna have a nice cup of tea (or 20) and think it over. I wish I could invite you over for some tea...I have loads. :)

walk slow. xoxo.

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