Dec 17, 2012

Oh, hey!

Hello? Is anyone there? 


Have you forgotten about me, dear friends in blogworld?

I assure you that I have not forgotten you! Since November 5th I have been struggling against the Great  FireWall that exists as online censorship within Mainland 

Without waxing poetic on the annoyances of living without freedom, I'll just tell you that I have missed my blog and hope to switch to a non-blocked server during my upcoming MONTH in AMERICA. 

Wow. Accessing the internet without plugging in crazy numbers or goingto clandestine places will be amazing. 

So will Chik-fil-A and puppy hugs and being with my family. Oh dear. So many good things await. 

I am so censored while living on a school campus(censored harder than the "outside world", that I cannot accessmy work email or online class. I am currently in a quaint coffee shop with the "best internet in town," and discovered I could access my bloggy! But no photos will load...oh well, you don't need to see my pink, wind-burned face anyways! Winter has arrived and my skin is ready to run to Florida! :) 

Other than internet woes and work stresses, life has been wonderful during this changing of the seasons. I wish I could have shared all the stories with you. 

I hope you have been well, also. Thank you for thinking of me, neighbors, friends, and family. My mom shares with me when you ask her about my life status duringmy blog silence. For that, I am humbled and thankful. Don't worry about me over here in Chinatown. Life is hard and mysterious and yet overflowing with good. I am really lucky to be here now. I hope you feel the same wherever you are. 

Walk slow, til we meet again in a few weeks from the wonder world that is America. xoxo.