May 21, 2011


I tutored three kids seperately today, spanning from 1 - 5:30pm. I didn't think it would be so exhausting, you have to be *on* every second of the tutoring.

But I love it. So now my "client list' is: my ex-boss and her 13 year old daughter, Lin, the orphan donation woman's 17 year old son, and my old head-teacher's friend's 7 year old. They all have such different personalities, learning styles, and levels. I really like one-on-one teaching and it is soooooo easy compared to running a classroom. Of course, you have to know what's up, but with a little creative juice, these classes are easy, awesome, and hopefully beneficial.

(of course, I think most well-off Chinese people would pay a foreigner just to sit with their kid and stare at the wall, foreigners are such a commodity).

Here's a little glimpse of Xiao Wu's English sesh today. I think the only thing he really has remembered whole-heartedly is "high-five!" I learned that Chinese people don't generally know how to high-five the hard way my first year here when I was left hanging on many a one-sided high fives.

Watch this precious kid. I'm going to pass out then get my shopping on at the night market with a few friends. Gotta spend today's hard earned dough!

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

oh my gosh too cute! love it

Mom said...

I recognize that "famous" song! Ha! what a cutie. I am glad you are enjoying your tutoring. I hope your shopping at the night market was uneventful!