May 25, 2011

every new beginning comes from some beginning's end.

I have to do something really sad this week.

I have to quit my job. Well, more like, I have to tell my boss that in 6 weeks I can no longer be the hospital's english teacher.

This super sucks because I love love love my job. Like, looooove my job. I'm heartbroken over having to leave, but it must be done.

There is going to be a huge doctor/nurse/pharmacist/dentist size hole in my heart come July.

I just love those monkey butts. And the view from my "classroom" is amazing.

You see, I have been officially offered (and accepted) a new job starting this Fall. I will be an Education Field Supervisor/Practicum Instructor/International Education Professor for Concordia University Irvine. (my master's almamatuer).

This job has been in the works for over a year and has already tested me on many levels. I've already gone through training and found out last night at a meeting of 14 Chin.ese business professionals, my Dean, ex-teacher (now - co-worker) that I am now "one of them."

Basically the program has expanded so that the one dude doing all the supervisong of education track students can't do it all anymore, that's where I come in to take over a few sections a semester. So I'll have about 15 students under my wing, teach their online practicum class, and be their supervisor/link at their jobs in Hangzhou.

I was really really excited.

Until I went to work tonight and realized that this wonderful part of my life must end because one person can't do everything. We have to give and take. Our lives must have wiggle room. I have to give up the night job at the hospital.

That's where noodles come in. Warm, gooshy, hearty, Muslim noodles.

Comfort food at its finest. This was my dinner to compensate for my sad heart after work. I was the only customer in the noodle shop and had a captive audience of 3 little muslim kids watching my every bite. I looked up from one bite to see them all staring at me, mouths open. There I was, chopsticks full of noods shoving into my face. Classy. "Herro," I just said, mouth full of noodles.

That story has nothing to do with me being sad about changing jobs, I just love it though. haha. And noods in my belly was oh so yummy.

So...I guess this is all to say that -

Yay I have a new job! A big girl job!

But boo - I have to leave my current job.

And I love noodles.

Professor JG loves noodles.

Professor. hahahahahha. I'll have to get used to that.

walk slow. xoxo.


Mom said...

Awe! I feel your sadness. It's always weird to have doors close while other doors open.

agapelife said...

I'm a little jealous you get to be a professor. Transition can be so difficult. But I'm super excited to hear what your new job brings you!