Jun 29, 2012

walmart, tea fields, delish food.

Today was Mom's last full day in Hangzhou! We purchased tickets to Shanghai for tomorrow afternoon. I'm getting sad and trying to think of a way to keep her here a few more days/weeks. 

Here are some pics from our sunny (!!) day today. 

green tea flavored Listerine


Dried Chicken Floss Face Bread

Longjing tea fields


sweating profusely

dinner at Green Tea Restaurant with Yemi, her visiting mom, and Natasha. 

fish, salad, papaya and coconut milk, green beans, fried lotus root,
bread with ice cream on top, roast chicken, kumquat juice. YUM CITY.

A Hangzhou MUST.

Green tea blizzards to end the 100degree day. Of course. 

Someone come up with a medical reason why my mom needs green tea blizzards every day. Quick, we are running out of time.

walk slow. xoxo.

Wordless Thursday.

So. Tired. No. Words.

Have some pics...

hiking Baochu Hill

top of Baochu Hill, overlooking West Lake 

West Lake lilies

boating on the lake


Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

People. Everywhere. 

hiking. more hiking. always hiking. 

love the lake

foot massage.

dinner with Natasha

Good night. Bonne Nuit. Wan An.

walk slow. xoxo.

Jun 27, 2012

GTL: Gym, Teach, Laundry.

Today Mom and I did my usual Wednesday routine: laundry, gym, English class at the hospital. I was afraid our day might be slightly dull after our recent adventures, but alas - I was crazy to think that any day in Chi.na with a visitor could be dull. 

We spent the morning doing mom's laundry in my dorm and playing with Mushu baby cat. He is so confused with me staying with mom at the hotel this week. We visit everyday, but he is giving me the cold paw. He loves mom, however. 

best friends. 

Then we hit the gym. It was a slow time for the gym so mom was spared the usual gym hilarity but still got to see my, "place." 

families that work out together...
We ate Subway sandwhiches for, "dunch" then hopped on the bus to work where mom was the star of my lesson. She did a great job telling about herself as an American mother and teacher. The Florida salt water taffy she brought to share from Tampa airport didn't hurt, either.

my boss giving my mom tea as a welcome gift
Some of my older students were stoked to talk to someone their own age and not flubbery me...

Ruby, mom, weirdo

I love my part time job. I love that mom got to experience a class.

After class Marie took us to Dairy Queen for Blizzards! 

Oh, yum. 
Then we walked along the lake and caught the water show.

My average Wednesday was transformed into a super Wednesday.
The Mom chronicles continue....

walk slow. xoxo.

Buddha, Bi-lingual Dinner, and Music Beats.

This morning mom and I woke up to sore legs and heavy rain. We decided to keep to our original plan of visiting the Linyin Temple, since the weather forecast doesn't look any better for the rest of the week. Mom is way better at not letting the rain get to her than I am, I keep lamenting how I want her to see Hangzhou at it's finest, while she happily grabs an umbrella and tells me that we can't control the weather. Mom's - always right. 

Thankfully, the weather ended up being perfect for an afternoon as tourists at the Buddhist temple. 

Mom ended up being a celebrity. I enjoyed taking several pictures as 3 seperate families took the opportunity to take a picture with this beautiful foreign woman. I just stood at the bottom of the steps laughing while mom sweat bullets and smiled at people whom she did not understand. It was hilarious. One woman told her husband to stand next to the, "pretty girl," and have his picture taken. These people would freak if they knew mom's real age! No one believes she is my mom - good for her, bad for me.

We spent several hours touring the main temple and surrounding monasteries.

After a stop for a snack and some coffee for me and tea for mom, we were picked up by Lin for a dinner with some friends! I was so, so excited for Lin and Mom to meet. 

She took us to a fancy dinner and I did my best to eat my share and my mom's. When my pants don't fit next week, smack me. 

I snapped this photo when the waitor placed the fish heads pointing right at mom after the duck head was already facing her. We laughed and laughed and no one knew what we were laughing at. Poor mom, being stared at by her dinner. 

Michael and Judy were invited by Lin and it was a table of some of my favorite people on earth.

My people. And my mom. Whooohooo.

After dinner, Michael insisted we go to KTV - Chin.ese karoake rooms you rent by the hour. Mom was tired, and everyone but me and Mom has to work tomorrow, but everyone seemed game, so we went and sang our hearts out.

Mom was a champ, singing some Beatles and Abba and Britney Spears.

Yesterday we were hiking down Yellow Mountain, today we were in a karaoke room. I'm so proud of mom for embracing every experience - come rain or shine.

walk slow. xoxo.

Jun 25, 2012

Yellow Mountain: Up and Down by Foot.

A few weeks ago I sent my mom a list of places "close by" and asked her where she wanted to travel to during her stay in Ch.na.  Her choice was the famous and gorgeous Yellow Mountain. 

We just returned from a 36 hour jaunt to another province where we hiked 10 miles up and down the Yellow Mountain. Our trip was full of surprises. My mom pronounced herself a, "true backpacker," and a contestant on the Amazing Race.

Here are some pics, stories will come after we get some sleep. After 17km hiking on the mountain, a 4:30am wakeup to see the sunrise, and 6 hours in transit, I need to be in the horizontal position ASAP...

Hangzhou West Train Station

Bus ride from hell
No flirting
Starting up the mountain! 8.5km

workin' those buns of steel

Making friends along the way

Kodak moments everywhere

Cyprus trees. Love.

Self timer experts
We reached the top! 

View from our hotel. Spoiled.



I promise to never complain again. 

Ended 10 miles in 2 days with some delish dumps. 

That was awesome. Good night.

walk slow. xoxo.