May 4, 2011

bouncin' around with the best of 'em.

I did something brave today after Chin.ese class.

I went to step aerobics. By myself.

It was one of those moments where I wish I had a video camera engrained in my forehead because what I was experiencing was so funny it had to be shared.

But alas - you are left to your imaginations to envision ared-faced, sweaty, 5'10", chubby, redhead flailing her arms to Beyonce in a room full of 5' asians.

It was awesome.

Because the sound system was loud, I could barely hear the teacher and even when I could hear him, I don't really know step aerobics Chi.nese vocabulary, so I was left with only my eyes to keep me jivin' with the class. There were times when I would be arms in the air, on top of my stepper when the whole class had gone into a lunge..hahaha...but I just kept telling myself that that would prob happen even if I was taking the class in English.

But even when "Jetty" the teacher spoke English into the mic I didn't understand. Who knows that "OTT" means, "over the top" and thus you are supposed to pounce over your stepper to the rhythm? I sure didn't. He kept saying aerobics acronymns into the mic and looking at me like I should know. Ha. Nah dude, I don't do this in America. Class was as much of a brain activity as a body one...I had to be focused so as to know what was going on. haha. Way more so than slow-moving yoga.

What I could understand out of the class was stuff like, "relax your neck," "right foot start," "faster," and "fat people go slower."

Yes..."fat people go slower."

I never slowed down. I decided he wasn't talking to me. It was one of the twenty 90 lb. asians in the room...not me. ;)

I love my gym. I love that I know enough Chi.nese to take group classes. I love that today when people were staring at me on the bus to work, I smiled at them instead of cussing them out.

Thanks, endorphins. I'll step to that. And maybe throw in an overhead clap for good measure. Whether my step classmates are lunging or not.

walk slow. xoxo.


MilitaryMrs. said...

Jessica -

Your post made me smile, as usual! I love reading of your adventures. What an amazing, unique life you are living right now. I love your confidence in being yourself amidst a culture so different than back at home. Happy living! :-)


Mom said...

Congratulations on being BRAVE!!!! I don't know if I would have gone to the class myself. I can't wait to hear about a Spin class!

Exercise is GREAT!!!

agapelife said...

you sure are brave....
I've been too scared to go to yoga by myself in downtown princeton and I speak the language!
I convinced a friend to go with me bright an early at 5:45 tomorrow morning!!
your awesomeness never ceases to amaze me.