May 24, 2011

Meet 小力。。。

My last semester oral Chin.ese teacher had her baby last week!

I still remember her pulling me aside after class one day to, "tell me her secret." We got to watch her little belly get bigger and bigger all semester and now the baby is here!

This is 小力 (xiao li - little strength)...

Since sonograms are illegal in (because of gender preference and the off-balance of males to females because of aborting girls), she was unaware of the sex of her baby until birth, and it's a precious baby girl! My teacher sent this pic via email to her students and I had to share it with you all.

Aren't those some sweet little chubby baby cheeks?

Babies are little miracles. Congrats to Zhang Laoshi!

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Mom said...

How beautiful!!! It is so neat she sent everyone a picture! What a nice healthy baby!