May 15, 2011

An Ode to the gym.

I've run 14 5k's in the last 15 days.

I'm stressed.

5k's help.

Cute step aerobics instructors help, too. :)

One of my New Year's resolution's was to attend some kind of class. Now that I have the gym, I have tons of classes at my disposal! And a bunch of friends who I've recruited for the gym to go along with. So far I've been to hip-hop class (amazing), belly dancing class (dumb. Chi.nese women shaking their non-existant butts thinking they are sexy), yoga (amazing), Tibetan yoga (waste of time), Body Vive (walked out of - couldn't keep up with the Chin.ese), and step aerobics (HOT instructor, amazing work-out).

Step aerobics and yoga are the ones that are going to stay in my weekly repetoire. I've finally found my classes! I like having a class to attend, I like that my friend Steph and I go together most of the time, and I like having something interesting to do that isn't the normal teach, study, orphan routine.

I had Michael translate the class schedule list for me which means that I had a schedule that says things like, "shake belly," (belly dancing), "work shape," (Body Pump), "board up step," (step aerobics), "ball sit muscle," (pilates). ha.

I also have been collecting hilarious Chinglish shirts to wear to the gym because it entertains me. This is the latest one from the men's section at the grocery store. It is a take on the lyrics to a popular Korean song.

Basically, the gym makes me happy. It makes me feel far away from the crazyness of outside. And it's air conditioned. Ballin!

So my predictable weekend consisted of studying, tutoring 3 kids (got a new tutoring kid who started this Saturday, a 17 year old boy who plays the cello), the gym, church, and got my nails done for 3$ by an old Chi.nese lady wearing slippers and fake eyelashes. A normal, decent weekend in Chinaville.

5 more weeks of classes...

walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

i LOVE yoga. It's a new obsession, just started about two weeks ago. glad you love too!