May 20, 2011

highs and lows and Thai boxing.

Greetings from Crazyville.

How are things in your corner of the world? Here's ok. I've been forcing my "happy face" this week and gritting my teeth with determination to make it through til I hear a final word about the whole school crapapalooza. Still no word yet. Blaaah.

Things have been normal/good/decent on every other front.

Some recent lows: my bike got a flat tire and I had to walk it home about 3 miles with my groceries hanging from the handle bars, it's been 100 degrees and our classrooms are not equipped with cooling devices, I spent 3 hours today hand washing clothes in my sink. I did really poorly on a recent Chin.ese grammar quiz.

Some recent highs: my reading teacher told me my level is very high because I can have a sense of humor in Chin.ese, my yoga teacher gave me another thumbs up in today's class and I was able to do a harder pose I couldn't do the last few times, I've lost 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks, my hair dressers help me with my homework and I understand it a lot better, a donation of 4 air conditioners has been approved for local orphanages, I got a one hour massage today by a blind person. I got really, really exciting secret news today that I can't talk about til later, but I'm so stoked that I'm even smiling at strangers (weird).

I think the good outweighs the bad, huh? Most everytime.

Anywho...what I want to talk to you about today is Thai boxing.

(ha, how's that for a weird sentence?)

You see, my gym has a HUGE banner near the woman's locker room entrance that has fierce looking Asian men about to knock each other out and says in English, "MUAY THAI IS COMING." Some of my friends have been going to some boxing classes at another gym and when they talk about it I have flash backs of memories.

Most days when I get to the gym, the (gorgeous) gym worker dudes are practicing their boxing skills to teach this new class that I guess is being added to the class roster sometime soon.

Everytime I see the I am reminded of this:

last January (Jan 2010) I was in Thailand with my travelling crew and we saw a Muay Thai fight on Phi Phi Island in a Reggae Bar. It was touristy. And validated the fact that I don't like to watch people hurt each other. But we got to witness this sweet moment of a child standing on the sidelines "helping" her daddy get ready for the match.

She was so concerned. It was such a tender moment around such violence. This is what I am looking for the slight chaos that will be the next few weeks of my choices, work choices, etc...I have to know that there will be tender moments - moments of surprise, small joys, and sweetness between people. I can't lose those moments amongst the storm.

So that's what I think about every time I enter the female locker room. My night in the Thai bar a year ago and sweet little moments.


walk slow. xoxo

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