May 23, 2012

lessons on professionalism.

My contract for my first year as an adjunct professor is officially over.

Yet the work continues since my students stil have time left on their work contracts in Ch.ina and I am needed to represent the university if need be.

Recently the student who hurt my feelings (darn feelings) so badly a few weeks ago has run into some troubles with his employer. I am getting a great lesson in professionalism. I am young and emotional and want to react one way, but the rules of being a gracious grown up require big girl behavior that does not necessarily come naturally to me (yet?).

I sat in a meeting yesterday while this ran through my mind, "I wanna punch you in the balls you big turd-head time waster piece of dump." But what was coming out of my mouth was, "I hope that we can work together to find the best possible solution for all parties involved."

Whooooo for learning about professionalism first handedly and three cheers to my mother for coaching me through adulthood. ha. I am thankful for my work experience, but dang real life jobs are hard. People are complicated.

Here, have a picture of my cat for listening to my rant....

The transit bus to work...

My, "yay, I'm not letting my emotions do the talking!" victory face on the way home from the meeting...

And now I'm off to my other job at the hospital. Got bills to pay! Actually, no I don't. I don't have any bills. Got plane flights to save for! And professionalism to practice.


walk slow. xoxo. 

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