May 9, 2012

business as usual.

I got out of bed at midnight last night to sweep my floor and do the dishes because I was convinced I was going to die in the night. 

Someone check me into the crazy house. 

I've been having pulsing pains in my legs the past few days and my mind is not making the situation any better. WebMD doesn't help either. The internet is a place full of horror stories and I've put myself on a strict, "no more googling blood clots," rule until further notice. Having any medical emergency in China would be horrible. I have been hesitant to discuss my pain with my doctor friends because they would just tell me to, "drink hot water," and, "wear more clothes." (the two most divied out medical advices in this great land). 

I've also put myself on a, "do not make any big life decisions until after the half-marathon," rule. This is because my stress levels and emotions are haywire these past few days and I don't want to say/do/decide anything that rational/sane me would regret once my mental dust settles. (self-awareness is a beautiful thing). 

After talking to my wonderful, rational, fabulous, patient mother, I realize that the odds of me having a blood clot are very small and I need to make sure I am watching my electrolytes, drinking enough water, and chill the heck out. I love that woman for listening to me every day. 

Besides my mental freak-outs of leg pains, things are business as usual over here. 

Lots of kitty cuddles! He's getting so precious as he ages. I decided not to neuter him because I do not trust the vets here to give him surgery. I figure why put him through that risk if the surgery is not necessary. He hasn't started spraying and I think keeping him au naturale is the fair thing to do considering he has no run-ins with females since he lives in a dorm room. He has figured out how to open my dorm door, however. He jumps onto my towels that hang on the door and uses his right paw to swat the door handle down. He's a kitty genius. I was woken up at 3am the other night with a run-away kitty. The door is staying locked from now on! 

kitty genius at rest. 

Classes are....fine. Just philosophy class. In Chi.nese. I'm surprised the throbbing pain I'm experiencing is not in my brain instead of my legs. ha.

stealth photography, a by-product of sheer boredom.

Today I ran the stairs with Jess. 16 flights x 8. She did 10 but I wussed out because I had plans for body pump class afterwards. For the record, doing squats with weights after running 16x8 flights of stairs makes you feel STRONG and awesome. I love my legs. Even if they hurt like monkeyturds right now. I kept checking myself out in the workout room mirrors....that, my friends, is a good feeling.

waiting for the elevator to take me to the bottom to run it all over again.

Boom, 16th floor.

Chinglish joys. This is a kids notebook. Thanks for the free entertainment,

Kitty love, learning, running, laughing at randomness. Feeling thankful to be alive and hopeful for some leg healing.

Business as usual.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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