May 26, 2012

because I can only sing to my cat for so long.

Jessica's wisdom tidbit of the day: breakups suck.

Seeing the person you broke up with and finding out they are leaving for good...super sucks. (darn expat revolving door).

While I alternate between crying into my pillow and singing to my cat, (we all deal with heartbreak judging...ha), look at these pics from the last few days:

Hello Kitty toilet paper- my mom's fave

A preserved egg display at the grocery store

the view from my classroom at the hospital, love this city

Jess and I got foot massages and were given cucumbers on plates as  a snack. Special. 

Chick on the treadmill in her pajamas. Crazy or genius? 

Mushu kitty mid-yawn. My perfect furry ball of love. 

I'll be back to regularly scheduled non-overly dramatic and super sensitive posts soon hopefully. I know you have other things to think about than my weepy soul. But no promises. :)

walk slow. xoxo. 


Miss Lynda said...

Oh Jessica, Your soul, weepy or not, is thought about daily! We took the grandgirls to Disney last weekend, and spent the first day at Epcot. As we were making our way around, we, of course, visited China. Upon seeing the beautiful pagodas, lanterns and flowers, they turned to us and said, " Oh grandma, does Miss Jessica get to see this every day"? They too, think of you and keep you close, just like all the rest of us. Keep on singing Jessica, make a joyful noise for yourself and others! Love you!

Ke Xiao Mei said...

I love you so much, Ms Lynda!