Nov 13, 2011

this weekend.

I keep having to remind myself to breathe.

Tomorrow I am going into the office to see what's up about my life (major-changing situation).

So, this weekend, I did my best to live my life, relax, and not stress too much. It worked out ok, only there is pressure in my chest and I have to let out big breathes every so often. I can't wait til this is over. Waiting sucks for anything. Waiting for people to make a decision especially sucks.

So I had myself a little weekend.

I Google + chatted my fave travel buddies. Our three-way chat was extra special since each of us are in different countries. Jennie in the US (noon), Nick in Spain (6pm), me in Chinatown (1am). I miss those monkies - our travels were an era of my life that will probably remain some of my fondest (or strangest) memories for life.

I went to the veggie market with a friend.

I took 800 pictures of my cat.

I got a hair trim (with two friends who got hairwashes).

And I tried coffee gum. Verdict: strange, but don't regret the 80cents spent.

I had sushi, did laundry, rode my bike everywhere I needed to go, had a movie night at a friend's to watch Darjeeling Limited (hilarious and deep). And looked up travel tips for India even though I do not have a ticket yet.

A good weekend amidst a lot of uncertainty in my life.

I'm so nervous for tomorrow.


walk slow. xoxo.


Mom said...

Praying for you!!!

Miss Lynda and Mr. Al said...

Ditto Mom's message! Been working on it all weekend, but sat out on my porch early this A.M. and asked for special blessings and open doors. There is only one who knows what doors those will be, but we are expecting great things.
Love the pictures, you look "Mah-vel-ous"! Way to go Jessica. We love you and are so proud of you!