Nov 28, 2011

all work and no play... my life right now.

Today was another 2 observations. Tomorrow is my last observation day of the semester! Then a million grades to do (I'm a little behind....yikes...) and then it's the homestretch to Christmas break.

On my Chin.ese schooling side of things, I have a 2000 Ch.inese character paper to write and still some paperwork for the major change debacle. Before I can peace out of the country.

I started class with a Chinese tutor (Leo) yesterday and now have a butt-load of work to do. I realized how many characters I have forgotten this semester since I have not been practicing reading at all. Dang it. He sent me home with a list of words to translate from English to Chin.ese and memorize by next week: neo-classics, Daoism, The Analects, Maoism, etc. Hard stuff.

It will all get done. Just cranking through. Answering emails, calculating grades, and trying to remain as professional as possible. (note to self, telling your student your butt is chaffed from the 32 mile bike ride is NOT professional. ha.)

Today's work pics:

English Accent Training Center:

view from the 4th floor of the Zhejiang College of Chi.nese Medicine:

I might have a problem with excessive self-portrait taking:

And this is how I feel about getting up in 5 hours to bus 1.5 hours to my last set of observations:


walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

that picture of your cate made me laugh out loud. Awesome!