Nov 21, 2011


Today was a great day for:

Tackling laundry mountain. How we do our laundry in the dorm is: 1. Pile it into bins (as seen on the floor). 2. Carry it to the archaic machine with no lid. 3. Fill up the bin with hot water from our drinking tap (against the rules, but they can suck it, I want clean clothes). 4. Hand drain and re-fill to "rinse". 5. Carry back to dorm in the bin and hang as pictured here until dry (usually a day).

It was also a great day for riding my bike around campus getting work done.

There is still major-change paperwork to do, I printed, signed, and scanned my contract for next semester's work (I don't have a printer/scanner so have to go to a shop to do it), and checked the international bank atm to see if my American moolah could be taken out to buy work clothes for my job meetings this week.

Unfortunately, I'm a dumby and forgot that it being 3pm time on a Monday meant that the bankers in America were sleeping and I still have about 4cents in the US bank. Maybe tomorrow. haha.

While I was on campus I ran into my little french admirer. Funny enough, he had texted me this morning, "Hey haven't heard from you in awhile how are you?" and I never responded. Then out of the sea of students, there he was walking towards me as I left an office building.

Ha. He asked me when we can hang out and I went into a 10 minute long speech about how I was, "heading to the library and really busy with work and leaving town to grade my students and blah blah blah." Poor kid just stood there while I rambled my old lady responsibilities. "Ok see you around some time," he said. "Wow," I laughed to myself as I rode my bike away. I have crossed the thresh-hold to adulthood. A cute little European wants to hang with me but I would rather go to the library and do work. C'est la vie.

And check that CURLY HAIR! I found a trick to get my hair curly until my natural curls grow back in, which will take a few more years. (waaaa).

It was a good day to go to the library to look up some Chin.ese philosophy books since the ONE textbook my advisor told me to read before my classes start costs $140.00 on US Amazon. Um nooooo. But lo and behold the library is closed on Mondays. Every time I ride my bike by it I think it looks like a Mormon temple. Do you?

It was also a good day to respond to/send 8 million work emails. My second round of student observations starts tomorrow (at 6:30am!) so I'm about to be slammed busy for a week straight. Good thing I love my job. And I'd better enjoy it now because starting in January things will be doubly busy. Yikes.

Good thing kitty keeps me company while I slave away in e-world!

It was a good day to be alone. With observations coming up and a lot of travelling on the horizon, I need to make time to just be with me. I'm slowly learnig how to protect my emotions and keep everything even keel. This means balancing days with lots of friends and human interaction with days like today - where laundry and errands take precedence.

It was a good day to be productive. Nothing special or out of the ordinary happened. But the weather was nice and I got a lot done. That's a winner to me.

I hope your day was good to, wherever you are.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

This reminds me to be thankful for my washing machine and I love that kitty!