Nov 18, 2011

simple sentences.

It's rainy today. I'm in a thoughtful yet scattered mood.

There's a lot to do today: online grading, respond to emails, laundry, dishes, India research for the "team meeting" tomorrow, gym, sign/scan my contract for next semester, organize teaching paperwork (that cat has scattered all over the floor), order some schoolbooks on Chin.ese Amazon, and if all things go as planned, a night-time massage with a friend who is going through a hard time. (nothing lifts the spirits like a good 6 dollar rub down).

Amidst the scattered-ness, there's some great thoughts:

1. Three cheers for globalization (and hopefully finding pants for people over 5'4")...

2. Went for a long walk yesterday. I love this city.

3. There is now a pin-pong lunch-time tournament initiative outside the gym. (My gym is on the second floor of a business complex). Businessmen come play ping-pong on their lunch break. (lunch breaks here are loooooong, like 2 hours).

4. I love my baby Mu Shu cuddly-doo. (who still had no shots because I can't sneak him out of the dorm without him crying.)

5. I got a "promotion"! As of next semester I will be taking on all of the Hangzhou students for the program I teach for. Instead of 5 schools and 12 students, I will have 10 schools and 25 students. I will be teaching 6 credit hours (2 sections).

I am very excited. I love my job. I've had a bit of a learning curve this semester, so I am glad that I did not start with that many students - it would have been overwhelming. Easing into the responsibility is a blessing.

I am yet again amazed how everything works out. I just was paid my first check and turned around and spent it on a ticket to India. I have been wondering if that was a responsible choice, but then I find out that my salary will be doubling. What a blessing. I now have no quelms about my upcoming trip to India as a financial mis-step.

See? Scattered. But good.

walk slow. xoxo.


Miss Lynda said...

And "Fun", right?! Congratulations on all your achievements thus far, and all those yet to come. The hands that support you are stong and everlasting. (P.S. Wait for the next sing-a-long by the "dudes" and take Mu Shu out then?) :-) Love you Jess and so excited for you!

Ke Xiao Mei said...

hey Miss Lynda! Thanks for your encouragement! I wish I could sneak Mu Shu out when the NK's sing, but they always do it late at night! I need to get the kitty out during the day. We'll see. I'm waiting for him to get a bit bigger and not as whiny. He doesn't cry at the door now when I leave so that is an improvement. haha.