Mar 29, 2011

tired. busy. happy.

Things are good.

Things are busy.

The days are warmer.

My schedule is full to the brim.

Yesterday I was at a meeting with my old Dean and Professor from CUI and some business partners. There are some exciting things on the horizon. I need to buy some more suit jackets.

I went to the hair dresser 3 times in 5 days. I'm obsessed. Like, obsessed. My friends want hair cuts now that I've found a good place and I have a VIP card so if they go with me, they get 50% off. So a 9 dollar hair cut becomes $4.50. :) I love going there.

School is busy. I still can't believe I'm learning Chin.ese. My attitude about school could still use some adjusting, but it's getting better. My teachers are decent and I can see a lot of progress which is encouraging. I am reading whole stories now, so there is more motivation to work hard.

And Stone is leaving for America this Thursday! He will be observing at a hospital in LA for 2 months. We met today for one last good-bye and pep talk before he leaves.

"You know," he told me, "tell me what to look out for in America."

I wrote him a list of things to do/see/eat.

I've also been to the gym (almost) every day since joining. It's working its stress-relieving magic.

So basically, this is a random post to say, "Hi! I'm alive and well and busy as crud!"

Here's some photos:

Homework. blah. This is my life, writing and memorizing characters...

Goodbye, Stone! Have fun in America!

A dinner meeting...

I'm tired. I'm happy. I'm in fake love with my hair dresser.

What more could a girl ask for but a schedule full of good people and meaningful interactions?

Wishing you sunshine and goodness wherever you are.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

I love the balance of "good" days and "bad" days in your blog, thanks for your honesty and glad to hear you're doing well.

Mom said...

I sure hope Stone is enjoying America!