Mar 5, 2011

reminder to self.

“Intercultural dialogue is the best guarantee of peace.”

Koïchiro Matsuura, UNESCO, Director-General

I almost quit my job in a fit of tears a few days ago. (there's been a lot of tears lately, hair, job, relationships - whew). I am so glad I didn't. (I'll tell you about it later. Waiting for dust in my soul to settle so it'll be a nice post, not a nasty one). ;)

This pic is from Thursday's interviews of new students at the hospital. Those are some of my students who are already in the class who came to visit. We are looking at pictures of Mae's (far right) toddler son.

So, from me to you - please be nice to anyone you encounter in America who doesn't speak English. :)

"Intercultural dialogue is the best guarantee of peace." Check.

Walk slow. xoxo.

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