Mar 25, 2011

perfect day.

If I could create the perfect China day, it would be today.

The sun was shining (no blue sky of course, but sunshine is welcome!) I went to the gym, went to class, took my friend Zach to get a haircut at my hair place. got my hair cut for the first time ever in China. (best haircut of my life - no joke). laughed a lot there. went to Subway for dinner. got a foot massage. got hot cups on my back. took a taxi home.

a great day. a full day. all my fave things in one day: releasing stress, hair washes, foot massages, chinese chats, good food, and authentic experiences.

I hope you experience this much happiness in one day, wherever you are.

Good night.


walk slow. xoxo.


JGrine said...

yay! there is some Florida sunshine and 80 degree weather waiting for you!

agapelife said...

that really does sound lovely...
except the hot cups, the idea still weirds me out a bit. But if ever I am in China I will try them because you give them the thumbs up