Mar 11, 2011

shout out to the chinese gov...

Just a little note to say that my little bloggy will be out of commission for a short bit.

Because of world circumstances, the Chi.nese internet is being cracked down more than usual and my VPN company is experiencing some roadblocks. Usually my VPN allows me to get around the Great FireWall and use sites like facebook and this blog, but for now these things are not accessible to me because I have the VPN installed on my computer. Email is also spotty.

I'm in talks with the VPN company about new portals to the internet, but for blog, facebook and various other news sources.

For those of you in a free country - do not take it for granted.

Peace, for now.

walk slow. xoxo.

(this post was written from a friend's computer with superpowers.)

1 comment:

Jenna said...

i love super powers. and i'll be in india starting june 11th ish. i'll be magically so much closer to you. yet still so far...