Mar 13, 2011

Meet Xiao Wu.

This kid, Xiao Wu, does not speak English except for the words, "banana, orange, and TV."

It's now my job to teach him. Every Saturday from 4:30-5:30pm for 13$. (discounted price because I got the job through relationships).

My head teacher last semester is Xiao Wu's mom's friend. She asked him to get her son an American teacher since his school English book is "too simple." My teacher told her about me and one Chinese phone call led to another and I suddenly had another commmitment.

When I met Xiao Wu and his mom for the first time, they were walking down the little alley that leads to my dorm. When I first saw them, both of them started running towards me all excited. It was a super precious moment.

This week we learned, "tall," "short," "tree," "turtle," and "grandma and grandpa."

Doubling his vocab in one day ain't too shabby, right? :)
This is gonna be fun - I hope.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

so precious
i love it.
he's adorable.

Anonymous said...

you are going to be this little boy's hero. what a precious opportunity, thought I'm sure it'll be trying at times. i'm sure he'll be teaching you a few things too ;)