Mar 30, 2011

good people.

I'm coming to terms that my days start at 6:46 with a cup of coffee and end at 11:30 with a sleeping pill.

Today after class, my classmates and I headed to the nearest KTV for their lunch buffet and some karaoke. I am the "class leader" again, so I have the duty of planning class trips, managing emails, and just being the go-to person for the class. The only perk of being class leader is that I get to plan where we go, therefore we do a lot of karaoke. haha.

When I went into the KTV place to reserve a room yesterday, they remembered my Chi.nese name. "Ke Xiao Mei, welcome, are you brining more groups of foreigners?" was said to me when I walked into the door.

That's awesome.

Here's a photo of some of my class (minus 4 who already left)...

We are 15 in total, hailing from Spain, Nepal, England, Australia, Denmark, Burma, Japan, Korea, Germany, Portugal, and I'm the only American.

It was fun. We really need these bonding activities. Last semester our classes were way more fun after we had gone on a few outings together. Being from such different cultures and having such different ways to relate/make friendships, we really need outside activities in order to have a "gelled" class. I think our time was successful.

The only people who had trouble finding songs to sing were the 2 guys from Nepal. There were Spanish songs, Japanese songs, Korean songs, and English songs, but nothing the Nepalese could sing. I think they were even a little shocked by the Lagy Gaga music videos my Japanese classmate requested. It's interesting to see how different people react to the overt sexuality in Western culture.

Some Korean music videos....

I had to leave the kaorake early to go home and prepare for work. I had plans to show an episode of Grey's Anatomy from my USB, but as usual the hospital's computer was crap. My students thought that watching the episode on my personal laptop (brought for back-up in case the hostpital's didn't work) was too small. So I had a "teacher's nightmare" - I made up an 1.5 hour class on the spot.

And you know what? They loved it. All 19 of them. One of my biggest classes ever at the hospital.

I put them into pairs with people thye did not know and told them that they had 2 rules. They were not allowed to speak Chinese and they were not allowed to stop talking. This gave me time to think and prepare what to do for the next hour.

Everything worked out, we had plenty of laughs, they were patient with me, very complimentary, and I got to know them a little better. We had a good time.

I left there thinking how lucky and grateful I am to never have had a job I didn't love. I have honestly loved every job I have had. (summer camp counselor, preschool aid, college teacher). If I have to leave this job for other opportunities I will really miss it. I love my job. no matter how much headache the commute on the public bus and dealing with manipulative bosses - I love my students and our interactions.

After class I walked down the street and met up with my friends Alexina and Ujama for dinner. While I was walking I seperately ran into two of my students from the hospital. One is going to America TOMORROW (along with my friend Stone). This is very exciting, I about pummeled my student over with excitement! America! So soon! For the first time! I wonder what it is like to see America for the first time. I told her to eat a huge salad with ranch dressing for me, and to tell me all about it when she gets back in 2 months.

My time with Alexina and Ujama was short, but fun. Alexina is taking some time off from school and going back to Ghana for a few months (where she is from). We went to the night market and had a delicious Chin.ese meal. They explained to me hair weaving and braiding and then we taxied home.

There's good people in my life. Classmates, students, friends. I may not love it here every second and I may be 3 seconds from wanting an American flag tattood on my forehead...but in reality, my life is good here.

Tomorrow, another busy day. Good morning, good afternoon, and good night - depending on wherever you are on the globe.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Dad said...

Hi Jessica, great blog tonight. Love you, can't believe
you fly back for a visit real soon. Love, Daddy