Mar 22, 2011

Gettin' Nakey with the Natives.

After 6 hours of Chin.ese class today (blah), I was stoked to go back to the gym for some more anger burning and mind wandering.

After panting and sweating my way through a workout I felt awesome and headed into the locker room for a shower. I had plans to go across the street to Subway for dinner (student's special) and then walk home from the gym - doing some errands along the way.

Now - the locker room in Ch.ina is a special thing. There is noooo sense of modesty and hair dryers are used to dry more than just the hair on your head (get my drift? :/) In a society that blatently stares at foreigners, the thought of being a naked foreigner could be a daunting one.

I guess not anymore.

Some of my most memorable moments in Asia involve nudity: getting every crevice of my body scrubbed by an old Korean woman in Seoul, oil massages (and hot cups) in Shenzhen, and the now infamous group showers in Ningxia twice a week for a month.

Needless to say, I've seen me some naked natives.

So, today, when I was de-robed and about to hop into my shower stall at the gym I was surprised to hear, "Jessica!" called out from down the shower room corridor.

There was my Chin.ese aquaintance Dan Dan. Naked as a jaybird.

She scurried on over to me and we carried on a 3 minute conversation in Chi.nese, (homegirl doesn't speak english). I told her I just joined the gym and she was excited. She asked me if I went alone and I told her yes. "Well, I'm gonna shower now!" she said. "Me too! Bye!" I responded.

And off she pranced to another shower stall.

It wasn't until our conversation was over and I was safely alone in my shower that I thought...I'm in a Chi.nese gym having a naked conversation in Chin.ese with a Chi.nese person like it ain't no thing.

Ya, so that happened. Ha.

In other news:

Mango and orange double flavor oreos have also happened. YUM CITY.

Good thing I joined that gym.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

Mom said...

Hey, I looked for these oreos here and they don't have any. I wonder why China is so special to get these oreos? Are they made in CHina? Just wondering...