Mar 20, 2011

just when you need it most.

Today in the International Fellowship we had a guest speaker from Sydney.

Her name is Mae and she is 95 years old. She's done orphan work in Nepal and travelled extensively throughout Asia and the Pacific holding babies, raising funds, and motivating people toward social justice movements.

Basically I fell in love with her after 2 seconds.

It was uplifting and empowering to hear her speak about her life, her reasons for visiting Chin.a now (she has spent 5 years in her village without traveling and was feeling "antsy"), and what she has to say about young people doing overseas work in these times.

She spoke to us from the heart, encouraged us as people who are living in a foreign land, and reminded us of some truths that may be forgotten in the crazyness of everyday life.

1. information only turns into transformation if you do something about what you hear/read. (have you donated to Red Cross yet to help those in Japan? If not...why not?)

2. faith and fear do not exist together.

3. there is a purpose and a plan for each of us that only we can fulfill. 6 billion people in the world and 6 billion plans.

4. claim these five things everyday - that we should be fulfulled and growing; spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and financially.

Her final words were what really got to me. As you've probably guessed, I've been in a slump lately. Since returning from my trip to American and Shenzhen I've just really not wanted to be here. It's not easy and I'm discouraged at the long road ahead. I'm sick and tired of being frustrated 95% of the time. But as Mae was talking I really felt like she was speaking the right words at the right time.

She said, "there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you are at the very center of His will, whether you are comfortable or not, you are at the center."

mmmmmmmm. Good stuff to hear as a frustrated foreigner who knows they are doing what is right, but frankly would rather be at home watching BRAVO tv, eating pizza, and shopping at Walmart.

I told myself a little, "suck it up, get back on the good perspective track" and thanked the Big Man for all my blessings...even the ones that I never would have asked for.

I just kept thinking "what kind of woman do I wnat to be at 95?" What kind of stories do I want to tell? I want to tell these stories. So I have to suck it up. (for lack of better terms, haha).

When I'm 95, I want to stand before a fellowship in Ch.ina and encourage them - knowing that I fought the good fight, withstood long suffering, and clung to joy in adverse situations.

I've got another person with an incredible, divine story to look up to...thanks, Mae.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

great post, needed to hear this

Hannah said...

Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing this! I go through days where I fantasize about sitting at home with a big bowl of ice cream watching all the movies I've been missing over here on TV on Demand. haha.