Dec 11, 2010

Photo Update...

Just catchin up the little bloggy on recent-ness via pictures because tonight is full of events that will surely eclipse these recent happenings. And if there's one thing that we don't want - it's an event being eclipsed, kappesh?

So, here we go...I'm going to let these photos upload and go take a quick nap. I need some rest/patience in order to make it through the coming night. See you on the other side!

lunch with Hailong and Yangxue:

sweeties making sure I'm on the right bus, while I'm sitting in the bus taking their pic, haha:

Dr. Xue came over this morning and brought me this: a bread/chocolate Christmas Tree decorated with dog bone candies. Oh, Ch.ina. Clueless.

walking with my class:

my class at the Hangzhou Museum:

My British friend's first Dairy Queen!

I'm puttting on my sparkly pantyhose for a 2-party evening! First up a Christmas party, then a wedding's hoping for some endurance....

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

I miss my Green Tea blizzard!!!!! Eat one for me!