Dec 12, 2010

2 Party Evening = proof I'm getting old.

Last night began with a Christmas party at my friend's Shen Kan and Wei Wei's house. I took my classmate Steph along for the ride...

We sang songs and chatted for a few hours. Singing was a little strange though because I was the only person in the room who celebrates (or even is aware of) Christmas for its true meaning. And when the other Americans mocked "Sient Night" I was upset. But so goes life. There's haters everywhere. I kept it to myself and we still had fun. And I brought cupcakes decorated with sprinkles that my sister sent me from America! whoooo...

Shen Kan and Wei Wei were nervous for their first ever Christmas party, but they did a great job as host and hostess.
the whole group. Americans, one Brit, and Chi.nese. A beautiful mix of Chinglish all evening.

I left the Christmas party early to make it to KTV for Angel and Haiyan's wedding celebration. They were married on a whim last week, shocking most of us, but I still feel the need to suport my friends. We sang songs until about midnight when they went to another party destination and I went home...
Two parties in one night makes for a very tired Jessica. Maybe it's becase I live a caffeine-less life. Maybe I'm just old.

This morning was Chrch and Christmas performance practice. A friend and I were teaching the kids their dance performance. I could write an entire post about how frustrating it is to deal with parents from different countries with different parenting ideas. Screaming, crawling on the floor, defiant children are not dealt with the same here as in my home. And I had to bite my tongue to not "go american" on some parents. That would have been easy to do. But we've got to rise above cultural differences and just live. Just keep on.

Tonight is homework and learning more characters. Tomorrow starts another crazy week of this whacked out, nutso, blessed life.

Go outside and look at some Christmas lights for me. I sure do miss Christmastime.

walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

2 parties, how fun! as always love the pics, gives me a glimpse into your life!