Dec 14, 2010

always winter never Christmas.

It's cold and I'm feeling dangerously honest.

I am sick and tired of Chi.nese people telling me they "don't have Christmas in"

This happens just about every day.

Well, I guess technically they are right. There is no holiday, we plug right on until the end of January in work and school. (those of you taking finals, I am officially jealous). There's no mention of Christmas on the streets except for the random odd decoration in a window. And the only places you can find Christmas music are the fancy mall or a Starbucks. (Which is probably why my trips to Starbucks increase exponentially in the winter, even though I have to buy a bottle water because they don't sell decaf anything.)

And truth is...most of these people have never heard the Christmas story.

It's like the white witch's Narnia..."always winter and never Christmas."

Well natives, I'm here to tell ya that Christmas is everywhere. Look inside yourself and wonder what you're missing. You see that little hole? Ya, that one that you fill with the desire of money and alcohol and western movies and Jackie Chan kungfu moves?

Fill it with Christmas.

The Christmas message and spirit is everywhere. Not within country boundaries. This isn't Thanksgiving. Christmas belongs to no country. It belongs to a child who was born 2000 years ago. It belongs to you and me.

All winter and no Christmas? That's a sad, cold way to live.

"Wake up, O sleepers! Arise from the dead! He has come...."

walk slow. xoxo.