Dec 16, 2010

emotions and a frozen pig.

Today was an emotional doozy.

I'm blaming Aunt Flow for my rollercoaster of uncontainable emotions (mostly low) today. It's been a rough ride. But all is well, I didn't run over any Chinese people, and I'm home, warm, and decently clear-headed.

It's common speech amongst expats that living abroad in a different culture, especially in an intense place like, makes your highs high and your lows low. I'm thankful as I've gotten older I've befriended my emotions. I'm a feeler, it's ok, and days like this one sometimes happen.

My poor teacher didn't know what was coming when he went around the room asking us if we "missed home." At that point in the day I was extremely low, and answered, "last year I didn't miss home, but this year I really miss home." When he asked "why"? I answered somewhere along the translation lines of, "this year blows." Oops. Of course I don't really mean that. In my heart of hearts, when I am still and quiet, I am content. I am pleased with my life, and I see divinity in at all. It's not an easy road, but it's my road and I'm not alone on it.

Work was great tonight and after returning home I recieved news that sent me working for many more hours. There is a possibility of something big on the horizon...but I'm just waiting it out to see what happens. Vague, yes. But I still want record that there is somethin' a brewin' in these here parts!

In cuter news:
My friend Rachel and I spotted this little piggy outside a hair dresser studio!


walk slow. xoxo.

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Lizzie Brown said...

are those "holiday" lights in the background?