Dec 4, 2010

My Dad.

Grand Canyon, summer 2009
Chicago, summer 2010
Grand Canyon, summer 2009
North Carolina, summer 2009

My dad is a leader. A 6'5" oak tree.

Nobody works at the same company for 30 years.
But my dad has.
Because he is a hard worker, a faithful friend, and a brilliant social coordinator.

My childhood memories of my dad include watching his perform as Peter in the annual chrch Last Supper re-creation and doing a Sunday morning chrch act as "Indiana Dave," Indiana Jones hat, whip and all.

My dad has run so many marathons that I don't even remember the number. But it's more than my age.

My dad supported me through college and has given me the greatest physical gift a young person could get: I am entering into adult-hood debt free. Thank you.

I am mostly like my mom in character but there are some pieces of me that are distinctly "dad": my trip planning skills, people skills, wit, sentimentality, and my face/nose/eyes/height.

My dad wears a tie to work and running shorts on the weekends. He looks up music that my sister mentions because he cares about what she likes. He saves all of our momentos in a closet and den space that is overflowing with pictures of our family as it grew up.

My dad has ridden camels in Israel, gone to shows in Bangkok, run a marathon on Paris, and been force fed Chin.ese food in Hong Kong.

My dad starting working in highschool at the local pub clearing tables during the night shift. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to. I have always contemplated this. My dad has incredible work ethic.

My dad buys me plane tickets home because I can't afford them.

My dad's favorite movie is Chariots of Fire which he bought for my sister and I to watch with him when we were in middle/high school. We made fun of it, but we shouldn't have. My dad was making a memory with us - sharing with us his favorite film.

One of my main reasons for not quitting my PhD program is that my mom has promised me that when I graduate, the whole family will come to And I want my dad to come here. So I won't quit.

My dad is full of character. He can switch from a goofy dude into a serious businessman in 2 seconds flat. He can also tell you what day of the week any day of the year will be.

My dad values tradition. I am thankful for this.

My dad came to my swim meets and is the only parent on the side lines of my sister's running races. Anything we do he throws himself into to support us. I want to do this for my children one day. Even if they act like it's not cool - it will mean something to them.

My dad has taught me to go for my dreams, that I am strong and capable, and that no matter where I go, I always have a family at home to return to. My dad has taught me to look at the facts before making an emotional decision.

I have never been told "no" by my dad when I mentioned a goal or dream or idea.

My dad is my earthly provider and a source of directional guidance.

I love you.


c.w.f.h.l. said...

happy birthday mr. griner!! your dad was always my favorite member at the Y!

Brittany W. said...

I love indiana dave, and I haven't even seen it in person. Happy Birthday Mr. Griner