Dec 15, 2010

joy to the world.

Snow happened today.

I decided against my bike and walked to class. The only thing that froze was my feet. I need some thick socks or better boots or something. But other than my tootsies, all body parts were decently warm and accounted for.

The international dorm was quite a site. Apparently, many people from African and South East Asian countries have never seen snow. It was a ruckus of African snow ball fights. A dude pummeled me with a hard snow ball as I was walking out of the dorm. I wasn't too happy about it considering I didn't even know the guy! And it hurt! but then I laughed realizing the hilariousness of it all.

While I was walking home I ran into my new friend from Iran. The first time I met him in our dorm (he lives here) he was weird and said, "we are friends?" when I told him I was from the US. Then he went into some speech about governments or something, I wasn't really understanding. Now, every time I see him I make sure to chat. Just because you are from Iran doesn't mean we can't be friends. He was telling me about the snow in Iran and that he is "no surprise this." (translation - this snow does not surprise him, it is normal). I told him I'm from Florida. He's never heard of Florida. I told him to come visit someday.

After class, Steph and I headed by bus to West Lake to check out the scenery. We didn't last long (cold feet, slippery ground = awkward Jessica), but we soon found ourselves warm and happy in a Starbucks admiring the scenery from inside.

I walked from there to work, about 30 minutes, because the snow was just to fun to pass up by taking a bus. This is the most I have seen it snow in HZ, it has snowed in the past, but never stuck. It snowed all day today, and is planning to snow into the day tomorrow. I can't wait to see what it looks like outside when I wake up!

Snow is fun when it is a commodity!

"...let heaven and nature sing...."

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

the snow looks lovely....I've been anxiously awaiting snow for months now! I had a teaser this morning but nothing satisfying...enjoy florida girl!

Jenna said...

it is cold and grey here and while i'm dreading the onslaught of new england winter precipitation, snow is the only thing that would make this dreary weather worth it.
you are beautifully bright and pink and radiant.

Mom said...

I LOVE the picture of you with your umbrella! What beautiful pictures! I think I will show them to my class tomorrow!

I tried to call you tonight but I forgot about the 13 hour difference. I remember in the morning but not at night!

Love you!