Dec 26, 2010

Christmas '10: A Celebration Story.

This Christmas (despite a minor gloom of homesickness and Ihatemydormroom-sickness) there was a lot to celebrate:

celebrate a friend's apartment having a live "Christmas" tree:

celebrate homemade jam cookies in my toaster oven:

celebrate bright lights at midnight church (and the snow flurries that followed):

celebrate Chin.ese friendships:

and international friendships and a place to worship somewhat freely:

celebrate hearing Christmas songs being sung in another language by people who love Him:

celebrate imported cheese from the grocery store as a Christmas gift:

celebrate a mother's soup recipe and a gifted ham to complete it:

celebrate having a family on the other side of the world:

celebrate Jesus. everyday. wherever you are.

peace on earth.
goodwill to all (near and far).

walk slow. xoxo.

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