Aug 30, 2012


The lazy summer days of yesterweek are now a glorious memory. 

Today I went to the gym for my training run, met an old classmate from my masters program for lunch and chats about school, did work emails, went to the hospital to teach class, and met new friends for evening KTV. A busy, productive, full, day. 

In the normal busyness of the day, there were two stand-out events. 

When visiting my friend's new dorm room at the campus I study at, there was this sticker on the wall of one of my fave verses. Unfortunately, the ending was scratched out. I couldn't make out what was written over it...


Then, when I arrived at the hospital, I was writing on the white board when May, one of the head Leukemia researchers, arrived and presented me this red package....

A gift for Mushu! She told me it was so interesting to her that I had a birthday party for my cat that she wanted to be in on the fun. She said she feels badly for her cat she had many years ago because she did not treat it the way I treat my cat (like a child, haha).

One step for all catkind! (my mom came up with that, she's so witty. :) )

Mu is so happy to have a new toy!

man of the house. 

I am so touched by my student's kindness. I love my cat so much and the fact that she wanted to join in the celebration means so much to me. She saw my cultural weirdness/difference and decided to participate and bless me in the process.

It's often the small things that stand-out.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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agapelife said...

that's actually a very beautiful story. I love it and will remember it!