Aug 6, 2012

Errands and Excitement.

It's my last week tutoring the monster precious child.

Today I had off work though, because the mom wanted me to come in right after they got back from weekend vacay at 11am. Um, I am not a parent, but I was a pre-school aid for several years and a camp counselor and I have been to Walmart enough times to know that when children are exhausted, they do not want/cannot sit in a 3 hour foreign language tutoring session. So I told the mom I was "too busy" to come in the afternoon. You're welcome kid, I sacrificed 70 bucks so you could take a nap. 

So instead of my morning session, I slept in, was treated to brunch by some pals who are back in town, went to the pet market to look for toys for Mushu (left empty-handed, he already had everything, haha), grocery shopped, gymed, laundried, took fresh ginger and lemon to a sick friend, and watched tv on my computer. A fabulous Monday. 

One day when I have a job that is more routine and demanding, I will miss the fact that I once called days full of brunch, friends, and errands, "busy." haha. 

Or maybe I should be writing some papers and doing research instead of brunching and erranding. hmmmmmm.... I'll get there eventually. ;) Life's short, I've got a cat birthday party to prepare for - Confucius can wait. 

Yup - tomorrow is my cat's birthday party. Exciting stuff is happening in C.hina, people. This cat is turning ONE!

birthday boy

Brunch was good - there's lots to think about at the start of the new semester and having friends on the same page is uplifting.

I made them show their teeth- ha

Wanna buy a goldfish, gerbal, mouse things, or turtle? The pet market has it all!

here fishy, fishy
 I enjoyed running into the lady who sold me Mushu 10 months ago. She recognized me as I walked by her stall at the market. "You bought "Mi Mi" (the name they called Mushu). Do you remember me? You bought the small, white cat!" she called to me. "Of course I remember you," I said and pulled out my phone to show her pictures. She loved seeing pics of him all grown up. According to her he, "grew-up beautiful." I think so too! I'm thankful to have such a clean, healthy, happy cat come from a random pet market. That's called luck-of-the-draw! The lady was so sweet to care about how Mushu is doing. I told her that I was having a party for his birthday but I think that culturally that was too difficult for her to understand. She just nodded slowly and looked confused. ha.

wandering the pet market.

While grocery shopping, I picked up some party favors for Mushu's shindig and price-checked cakes. I'll pick one up tomorrow so it's fresh. Mu was very interested in the small toy that came with the Hello Kitty favors (cookies in personal boxes). He sat and stared at it for several minutes until I opened the package and gave it to him. He swatted it then ignored it all afternoon. Men.

"Gimme that toy so I can ignore it!"

The veggie market was packed full of beautiful produce today. I think I got ripped off on my broccoli, but I don't care to call them out. The 5cents won't kill me and I'm tired of fighting people who cheat. It gets exhausting. Just keep the broccoli stocked and we're all good.


And I am starting a new tradition on the blog for myself - starting each week with my marathon training schedule. I will end each week with an assessment for how my training and food goals went. Boring for you, helpful for me.

This week's plan: 

Week 6Mo: RestTue:
2 m run
3 m run
2 m run
Fri: RestSat: 4.5 m runSun: 30 min walk
The plan will be done side-by side with my regular body pump classes. I did one today (on a rest day - I don't care) and probably again on Friday. I'm really hoping to get some of those runs (like, half) outside instead of on the dreadmill, but outside is also scary (staring asians, bad pollution, crazy, unpredictable traffic, concrete sidewalks) so we'll see what happens. I've got some fears to overcome. 

Food goals for the week include upping my protein in non-animal ways (helloooo protein powder and dried tofu), lowering overall sugar and carb intake, drinking more water (it's hot out), and not drinking too much wine at Mushu's party. ;) 

Life's crazy here in HZ. Cat's are having parties. I'm training for a marathon. Who knows what's next? 

Now about those school papers.... ;)

walk slow. xoxo. 


Monica said...

There is a half marathon in Zhuhai I wanted to run this December, I was wondering how it would be to train while I am in China. there are no sidewalks in my town in Thailand so its impossible to run outside.

Monica said...
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