Aug 8, 2012

"It's my first cat birthday party."

There's a typhoon warning for my province. 

Friends are off work, flights have been canceled, and there hasn't been a drop of rain. 

I think these people have never been to Florida. 


Let's hope tomorrow brings some typhoon fun to warrant all the hype.

Besides the non-existant typhoon, a certain birthday kitty had his first birthday party tonight!

birthday spread. 

Mushu was not very interested in his smiley face cake, but was very interested in the beautiful ladies that attended his party!

Mushu's international aunties...(Spain, USA, Ukraine)...

Furry boy let his playful side out to play with his aunties...

pets are great
 Auntie Yemi made tuna cookies!

And Auntie Natasha brought presents...

 Uncle Mike stopped by later for a left-over slice of cake and a birthday squeeze...

Typhoon what? We're busy celebrating in the dorm.

Happy Birthday, Mushu! You're the best random 30 bucks I ever spent. I can't imagine my Ch.ina life without your kitty breathe in my face every morning. I can't believe I have kept a cat alive and secret in my dorm room for almost a year. Mushu baby, you've made a pet mom out of me. Here's to many more years with my furry monster.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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