Aug 3, 2012

25 weeks.

It's actually here! Marathon training is here!


I decided last week that I need to get my large butt in gear for the Disney marathon in January. Most training cycles are 16 weeks, but I know that I need more prep than the average bear (mentally and physically), so after much time spent with my dear friend Google, I settled on this plan. (I am starting at week 5, fyi). 

Finding a training plan and deciding when to start took a lot more decision making than I thought it would. Things to consider included the program's slowness in adding miles in order to prevent injury. I CANNOT get injured because I live in and am uninsured. No injuries allowed. I like that Hal's plan is realistic.

Also, I want to make sure I train long enough but not so long that I hate my life. I'm not sure I would make it to the end of a 30 week'er. I eventually decided on the longer training schedule (start now rather than do a 20 week program) because I want to start training and have it be a routine before the busyness of the new semester/work/classes starts in a month. I want to give myself time to adjust to the idea that I HAVE to run 4 times a week before I am also adjusting to a new life schedule. Spreading out the new responsibilities seems like a good plan. So now is the time. 

I want to document my training here in blogland more than I did with the Great Wall Half. I think writing down my progress/feelings/mini-triumphs and setbacks will be self-motivating. Because basically I never really thought I could do a marathon. Marathons are what my parents did while I ate bagels and cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts on the sidelines. (mmmm bagels...........America....). 

After the awesomness that was the Great Wall experience, I know that I have to set out for another challenge. I want that training/climactic experience again. It's addicting, I tell ya. Even if you don't think you can do something, chances are you can, so that is my reasoning for choosing to do a marathon. Why not? 

So how am I feeling 4 days into my 5 month journey? 

post-run/Body Pump moodiness.

I am quickly realizing that I need to find some outside routes and times that are conducive to running in the Ch.ina public. I am not happy to be reunited with my old lover - the treadmill. I trained exclusively on the dreadmill for the GW race, and now I am finding a lack of motivation to hang out with her again. My runs need a change if I'm going to make it through these next months. I have some ideas for runs, and hopefully I get the gumption to try some out in the very near future. Is it normal to pray for gumption? Because I do.

Besides feeling animosity towards a running aparatus and kinda chubtastic thanks to my diet of 99% carbs (joking - more like 80% ;) ), I am super excited to begin this experience. It's all been very calculated. I want to run 26 (.2!) miles when I am 26 years old, and I want my first marathon to be with my family. Thankfully, the Disney race is scheduled during the New Year break and my family was already planning to run it- everything worked out with timing. PTL.

I can't believe it's time to train. It's really here! I'm training for a marathon! weeeeeeeeeeee yay. I actually signed up for this marathon before the GW race. I knew that I would have a let-down of sorts after the training/race experience was over and wanted to have something in the back of my mind to look forward to. It worked.

I am also praying for gumption to join the running group in town. I am usually a solo exerciser (except for weight lifting classes) because I like to be in my head and get very self-conscious around other "more athletic" people. But it is going to be a very lonely 5 months if I don't get the nerve to turn my slogging/waddling/running into a team sport. Gumption.

Thankfully, I am greeted at the door by my cheerleader who doesn't complain about the smelly running clothes laundry in the corner...

It's gonna be a long ride, Mushu. 

Almost one week down. 24 to go. Let the marathon training games begin. 

PS- I hope my experience inspires you to tackle a physical goal also. Walk/run a local race. Join a gym. Do a yoga class. Track your calories. Drink more water. Eat more fruit and veggies. Forget the meat. Take your vitamins. Go for a nightly walk. Buy a cat. ;) Small health changes make big health results. All you need is gumption. 

And if you have any advice for me, send it my way. Goodness knows I need it. ;)

walk slow. xoxo. 

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