Aug 26, 2012

airport pick-up.

Some new friends arrived to Shanghai Int. Airport this afternoon and I joined my Hangzhou friends in the airport pick-up/welcome brigade. The more the merrier. 

Six hours round-trip bus ride later, 4 new faces were sleepy, starry-eyed, and overwhelmed by the, "smells, lights, and noises," of our Chi.nese city. 


"you are soooo fashion." 

passing out waters and personal TP packets - Ch.ina essentials.

Americans = lots of luggage.

when you're here, you're family.

It is energizing to be around people who arrive here for the first time. Everything is strange, overwhelming, wonderful. It is a reminder that our lives here are special, unique, to be appreciated and thankful for. It's a reminder that we are on a great adventure and no year is the same. Nothing happens the same way twice.

It's starting. New people are here. The next round is my students.
Bring on 2012-2013.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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