Mar 1, 2012

sleeping kitty > everything.

I was thinking today about (shallow) things that make me happy or sad.

Laundry without a real washer makes me (and my soapy/dry/pruned hands) sad.

bahhhhhh to the Chin.ese dorm that makes me sad (and lonely and feel like I missed something in life to still be in a (free) dorm when I'm 25....)

The fact that my hand-washed laundry hangs all over my room because it has rained for a week also makes me sad...

BUT on the flipside... 30cent peanut juice in a juice box makes me sooo happy!

And so does a sleeping baby sweet kitty muffin angel dooby...

So it's all good.

Nice try making me sad, detested laundry day.

Kitty wins.

walk slow. xoxo.

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