Mar 9, 2012

Month of Mayhem.

March is turning out to be crazy.

I am travelling for work every day except for 2 until March 30th. I came home this afternoon after 4 observations and took an accidental 4 hour nap instead of going to the gym. Just passed out in my bed - boots still on.


In other sad news, the revolving expat door continues to turn. A friend of mine for the past 2 years returned home to Kazakstan this week. We had a good-bye dinner for her at our fave local restaurant, "Grandma's Kitchen." It was great to be with good friends and re-live old memories since 3 of us have known each other over 2 years here and have a lot of hilarious stories together in our friend arsenal. We walked to the bus stop after dinner singing old Chin.ese songs we used to karoake together when we were younger and had more energy for 2am revelry. Saying goodbye is not fun when people go back to their corners of the earth, but so goes life in a distant land....

After dinner we got gelato, where 'Butterscotch' translates to 'Whiskey Cheese.' Isn't that great?

Today was more observations. I like going to this school because the classrooms are decorated with random Christmas decor and post-it art. I had a tug of nostalgia talking wiht my students because these are our last "in-person" observations until they float away to thesis writing land and I never see them again. I find that I feel the same way for my American students as I did my ones...just really wanting to cheer them on to success and happiness...(even though both cultures respond differently, ha)...

This was the door to one of my student's English classrooms. Santa and post-its..

Happy Friday!

walk slow. xoxo.

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