Mar 18, 2012


I'm trying to find balance in my life these days.

St. Patrick's Day was a great example...

The day began with running, (I use the word "running" generously), the 16 flights of stairs in my friend/half-marathon partner's apartment building. I biked over to her place, we set our water bottles at the top of the 16th floor, (so no cheating - have to make it to the top to get water) and set out on our run up/elevator down 40 minutes of torturous bliss.

Waiting for the elevator on round 3/8... (she's already left me in her dust which means and extra long wait for the elevator while she goes to the bottom...)...

While "doing stairs" my heart rate skyrocketed to the point of dizziness a few times and I had to actually stop once to catch my breath. This makes me concerned for my conditioning because my eating has been off this month and my workouts have been halved since my job got so busy. I'm too afraid to brave the smog and traffic to run outside and the gym doesn't open until 9am. This is a problem. This workout showed me just how much work I have to do in the next 2 months. "Less chocolate, more squats," is my new life motto.

No matter what though, the stairs felt great. We are going to have awesome butts after this training is over! (or I want my money back... :) )

But of course all that sweating had to be balance out... :)

The rest of the day was spent on the roof of the same building at my friend's birthday party. Jess made homemade carrot cake for the Mexican bday girl that was lucious and reminded me of my sister's carrot cake that she makes for my mom.

The birthday was laid back and fun with new faces and old friends from all over the world...

and then we drank (a lot of) green beer that was tinted by using Chi.nese cough medicine medicine that was scooped out of a can.

See, balance. :)

walk slow. xoxo.

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agapelife said...

your balance sounds just like mine :)

you inspired me to get back in shape. I went "jogging" this morning (mostly walking with jogging in between). Baby steps!