Sep 14, 2011


I had a whole blog post planned about today. Complete with stealthily taken photos of my classroom experience and a dinner tonight with my professor and some other of his PhD candidate students.

But then, after I returned home this text message exchange happened between my drunk professor and sober me (official dinners in Ch.ina require a lot of drinking, I always refrain because many people get forced to drink against their will)...

Professor: Are you free tomorrow night?
Me: I teach at the hospital from 5:30-7pm.
Professor: After that?
Me: No plans.
Professor: All night?
Me: I don't have any plans after I get off work at 7pm.
Professor: You mean you are open?
Me: Yes?
Professor: Are you sure what's meaning?

*at this point I start to panic*

Me: No? Is there another school function?
Me: ?

----no response-----



agapelife said...

holy sh**
your life is crazy
stay away

Ke Xiao Mei said...

this is my PhD advisor for the next 3 years, what the helllllllll am I supposed to do??

I'm just going to play dumb and act like it never happened. hseo;hdfjbnkjxhobwbn.kdjfjkkxh oijleml.

and go throw up 80000000 times.

and blast aretha franklin R-E-S-P-E-C-T

and....HAPPY B DAY RAEBY!!!!

Anonymous said...


just pretend like you didnt understand. barf'd. so weird.


Mom said...

NEVER go to dinner with this guy alone.Pretend like he never called and go on with life. I think he got the message that you aren't interested. Also, bring one of the new guys around so he thinks you have a BIG boyfriend!! Ha! :S

Mom said...

OH.... and please post what you previously had planned to post! :)