Sep 29, 2011


Today in a nutshell, (remember, brevity?):

Student visitations: 3
Times I said the phrases, "Learning Chin.ese culture is key to your success as a foreign teacher": several
Chin.ese universities visited: 2
Hours spent as an observer of an English class: 4.5
Hours spent as a teacher of an English class: 2
Hours commuting in a bus/taxi: 3.5
Hospital students in class: 8
Minutes spent deciphering the term, "Maple Syrup Urine Disease" from a hospital publication: 18
Hours spent online as "Professor Jessica" after returning home from all this hullabaloo: 3
Texts from my creepy professor: 5
Times I wanted to reach through the phone and cut off his balls: 5 million
Bottles of boiling water drunken from water machines at Chi.nese universities: 6
Lost cups of yogurt because I accidentally left my fridge cracked open all day: 2
Times during the day I thought to myself, "I love my job I love my job I love my job": a lot
Hours I want to sleep tonight: 9 million

Amount of times I will regret this blog post because it's just thrown out there into internet world without any care where it lands: unknown


Today was another jaunt around to different universities to check on my masters students and observe some classes and grade them. It's fun. I like it.

(Chinese uni's are all the same, big, grungy, and in need of a good bleach scrub)...

I was feelin' super sassy this morning apparantly because I snapped this pic of myself in the uni bathroom before observing an 8am Business English class. I don't even remember taking this picture, but I know what I must have been thinking, "I lost 25 pounds and I will take my picture whenever I feel like it, dang it. And I'm lookin fine in my 2004 Target old lady/wrap dress and I'm even wearing a slip, so now is a great time for a pic even though there are Asians pooping 2 feet away in those stalls.")

Ya. Something like that.

Then I put on my "teacher hat" and enjoyed re-living the glory days when I was a foreign teacher and life was easy and wonderful. Well, I thought it was hard then, but little did I know what was coming (isn't every stage of life like this?)

Now I'M the observer giving grades. I'm the one with the "answers." I have to stop myself from giggling sometimes when I'm working because I'm so tickled that this is for real.

Then I headed back into downtown to teach a class at the hospital. We discussed medicine and giving diagnosis' in English for scenarios that I made up while riding the bus. (ex. Sally's daughter was bitten by a dog. The cut is 1 inch deep and won't stop bleeding. What should her mom do?) Then I grabbed another bus and came home for some e-work - finishing up the observation forms/grades from today and zipping them off to my students.

Now I'm here telling you about it. And chuckling to myself.

I'm so tired. I love my job(s).

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

I love the thought of you chuckling to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I like the thought of you chuckling to yourself too. And you are looking very svelt, my lovely! xoxo, ellie