Sep 17, 2011

safety first.

For Mamaw and Gramps...

A few nights ago I was at a friend's house watching a movie and my grandparents called (!!! yay!!) They expressed concern that I would be biking home late at night (my friends live about 15-20 minutes by bike from me).

So, on the way home I thought I would video tape myself so that my dear grandparents could see that the streets are safe and that I'm not biking through any back alleys or anything - all main roads that have people on them 24/7.

It's actually - in my opinion - much safer to bike at night because there isn't crazy weaving traffic, it's just me and the open road and random bystanders.

I love you Mamaw and Gramps. Thank you for caring about me.

walk slow. xoxo.


Mom said...

That's supposed to make your Grandma and Grandpa know you're safe? :) I love this!

JGrine said...

"...and here you see some random asians...doing whatever asians do at midnight..."