Sep 3, 2011



Hours spent trying to register for classes: 8

Classes registered for: 0 (unless you count Engish as a second language and Marxism...I'm registered for those! hahaha, but I am required to drop them in liu of Mandarin and Chinese Culture Survey.)

Chinese secretaries who have yelled at me in the past 2 days because they are "too busy" to help me: 3

People who actually know what the heck is going on in the office and can register me: 0

Times my advisor told me there are "more thieves in France than": 2

Calls from the delivery company (sending me the textbook I am teaching) yelling at me in Chin.ese that the address provided is wrong: 3

Text messages I have recieved in the past 2 days from Michael about his upcoming nuptuals: 9 (somebody's getting excited)

Months of internet I could afford since my plan ended yesterday: 3 (last year I bought 12, haha)

Minutes I spent at the gym today: 20 (who does that??)

Total lbs lost since February: 20 (!!!!!)

Amount of emails I have recieved addressing me as, "Professor" in the past 24 hours: 5

Times I giggled when reading, "Professor": 5

Amount of dishes Yangxue and I ate at dinner: 4. We're heffers.

A lot is going down around here.

Hospital boss is calling. Tutoring kids' parents are calling. My own school registration is going nuts. My CUI online classes start Monday. Old students from HDU are texting saying they are moving ot my campus for school and want to meet up. There's meetings to schedule. Books to buy. Chin.ese to learn. Emails to respond to. Clothes to hand wash. Errands to run. Papers to turn in. A bike chain to replace. Pounds to lose. Orphans to feed.

And thankfulness to be harbored.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

dang girl.

Mom said...

Take a deep breath. Know that you are in "His" hands!!!

Miss Lynda / Mr. Al said...

I like what agapelife said.... that's funny. And Mom is right!

But, you are "WOMAN", Professor Griner! (Just don't forget to take a quiet moment for Jessica.) Love you and keeping you close in thoughts and hearts.