Sep 9, 2011

some days.

Some days are full of adventure, quality conversations, adrenaline, and discovery.

Some days are spent all day in bed. Like today.

My health matches my mood today. I'm hacking up phlem, running a fever, and coughing with my mouth wide open like an old Chin.ese person on the bus, with little to no care about where my germs fly. (#tuberculosis).

I woke up with a sore throat about a week ago and started swallowing down my stash of vitamins and chugging tea. But, alas, today the sick bug caught up to me and my mood plummeted along with my energy.

I feel fat. Lonely. Tired. Far away from home. Whiny. Poor. And then guilty for feeling all these negative things when I know they aren't rational.

Usually on these days I stay away from the blog. Because it ain't pretty. But tonight as I was packing for my *business trip* to Shanghai tomorrow, I thought, "I need to blog these emotions, it's real life."

So here I am. Telling you that I feel like crap. Not for sympathy, but rather, for honesty's sake.

In other, less dramatic news...the N Koreans are back. Yesterday as I was unlocking my bike outside the dorm and having a chat with my Sri Lankan neighbor, up marched the NK brigade with their tiiiiny suitcases - like, smaller than US carry-on size. It took a sec for me and my neighbor to realize what was going on, then one of them smiled to me and waved enthusiastically. "Welcome back!" I hollered in Chi.nese, more for the entertainment value than an actual welcome.

It's the same guys as last year, but there's fewer of them and I haven't seen their leader dude yet. Maybe he stayed in the homeland and another guy is the leader this year? Who knows. Weird people. Sad.

I'm off to Shanghai tomorrow for the welcome dinner for my new job. It will be the first time meeting my students in person (we've had some e-contact, but nothing face to face). I'm nervous a little...I packed 3 outfit choices. I just want to make a good first impression and be taken seriously.

I'm also stoked because I get to stay in a nice hotel and write it as a job expense! woooooo! AND I get to take a taxi to the train station instead of the hour long public bus because it's a "work expense"!

It's the little things, I tell ya.

I'm off to take some of my last Tylenol PM pills (hope I don't get sick again this year! ahhh..) and call it a random day.

Some days are just like this. And it's ok. Tomorrow's new.

walk slow. xoxo.

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