Jun 2, 2012

life bits.

Here's some life bits of the last 2 days...

Taking my job back at the hospital was one of the best decisions. A classroom full of life and laughter is a teacher's greatest joy. Our Wednesday nights are a haven for them and for me. 

The blind massage place has been converted into a high-end fruit market. Sadness. I hope the people are doing well wherever they are.

A new club opened last week and they marketed heavily with the foreign students. A few friends from the dorm were going and since I had nothing to do Thursday morning, went along for the ride. Chi.na - what a strange place, and there is no funnier place to people watch than at a Chin.ese club on a Wednesday.

My teacher decided to announce in class (while I was sitting 3 feet away) that non-Asians will never understand Chin.ese philosophy and every paper he has read from a foreigner has been "bu xing"(not ok). I want to learn how to say, "no shit, Shirlock," in Chi.nese. Class is a waste of my life. I'm really trying to power through since I only have this one class left and only a few more times to meet. It takes all of my gumption to get on the darn bus and go to class these days. I need to find the nuggets of good in the situation, but all I see is wasted time.

This warning was on the back of my Energizer batteries I bought today at the store. Apparently someone has been illegally exporting batteries? ha. I find it amusing that the warning is in English.

And the world continues to turn....

walk slow. xoxo.

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