Jun 27, 2012

GTL: Gym, Teach, Laundry.

Today Mom and I did my usual Wednesday routine: laundry, gym, English class at the hospital. I was afraid our day might be slightly dull after our recent adventures, but alas - I was crazy to think that any day in Chi.na with a visitor could be dull. 

We spent the morning doing mom's laundry in my dorm and playing with Mushu baby cat. He is so confused with me staying with mom at the hotel this week. We visit everyday, but he is giving me the cold paw. He loves mom, however. 

best friends. 

Then we hit the gym. It was a slow time for the gym so mom was spared the usual gym hilarity but still got to see my, "place." 

families that work out together...
We ate Subway sandwhiches for, "dunch" then hopped on the bus to work where mom was the star of my lesson. She did a great job telling about herself as an American mother and teacher. The Florida salt water taffy she brought to share from Tampa airport didn't hurt, either.

my boss giving my mom tea as a welcome gift
Some of my older students were stoked to talk to someone their own age and not flubbery me...

Ruby, mom, weirdo

I love my part time job. I love that mom got to experience a class.

After class Marie took us to Dairy Queen for Blizzards! 

Oh, yum. 
Then we walked along the lake and caught the water show.

My average Wednesday was transformed into a super Wednesday.
The Mom chronicles continue....

walk slow. xoxo.

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