Jun 29, 2012

walmart, tea fields, delish food.

Today was Mom's last full day in Hangzhou! We purchased tickets to Shanghai for tomorrow afternoon. I'm getting sad and trying to think of a way to keep her here a few more days/weeks. 

Here are some pics from our sunny (!!) day today. 

green tea flavored Listerine


Dried Chicken Floss Face Bread

Longjing tea fields


sweating profusely

dinner at Green Tea Restaurant with Yemi, her visiting mom, and Natasha. 

fish, salad, papaya and coconut milk, green beans, fried lotus root,
bread with ice cream on top, roast chicken, kumquat juice. YUM CITY.

A Hangzhou MUST.

Green tea blizzards to end the 100degree day. Of course. 

Someone come up with a medical reason why my mom needs green tea blizzards every day. Quick, we are running out of time.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Miss Lynda said...

What a beautiful journey you and your MaMa have experienced. And your story lets me go right along with you. Thank you so much for allowing me to join you. So happy that you have had such a great time and you are right.... your mom is just the best! What a good sport and always so down to earth! I love her thinking. Please have a safe trip, both of you, as you each head different directions "home". We will be keeping you close in our hearts and minds. Get some rest, and know always that you are loved!