Jun 17, 2012

Poor Little Kitty Cat.

Note to self: 

When tutoring 3 middle schoolers, if a cat is present, they will not learn a thing. And the cat will be traumatized by all the butt-poking. 

Duly noted. 

My friend Steph passed on a great tutoring job to me when she left a few weeks ago. I'm stoked about this job because they are smart, funny little monkies and the pay is good. 

We met outside in the dorm courtyard until the mosquitos got to be too vicious. 

But when the party was moved inside to my dorm, our tutoring session became the Mushu show. I should have known. haha.

Poor kitty needed to decompress for awhile after our visitors.

He might go visit a friend down the hall during our next tutoring gig. To preserve the learning environment, and kitty's dignity.

Some lessons are more fun than others. This one was hilarious. I never thought three middle schoolers would be running around my shoe box of a room chasing my cat - while I was getting paid.

Life. Ha.

walk slow. xoxo. 


Anonymous said...

oh man i bet he secretly loves the torture. its a man thing ;)

- ellie.b.

Ke Xiao Mei said...