Jun 25, 2012

Yellow Mountain: Up and Down by Foot.

A few weeks ago I sent my mom a list of places "close by" and asked her where she wanted to travel to during her stay in Ch.na.  Her choice was the famous and gorgeous Yellow Mountain. 

We just returned from a 36 hour jaunt to another province where we hiked 10 miles up and down the Yellow Mountain. Our trip was full of surprises. My mom pronounced herself a, "true backpacker," and a contestant on the Amazing Race.

Here are some pics, stories will come after we get some sleep. After 17km hiking on the mountain, a 4:30am wakeup to see the sunrise, and 6 hours in transit, I need to be in the horizontal position ASAP...

Hangzhou West Train Station

Bus ride from hell
No flirting
Starting up the mountain! 8.5km

workin' those buns of steel

Making friends along the way

Kodak moments everywhere

Cyprus trees. Love.

Self timer experts
We reached the top! 

View from our hotel. Spoiled.



I promise to never complain again. 

Ended 10 miles in 2 days with some delish dumps. 

That was awesome. Good night.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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