Jun 12, 2012

I'm still here! :)

I didn't realize anyone cared that I haven't blogged for awhile now. I guess sometimes I forget this thing is public, haha. But mom told me today that a few of you have been asking about me and I think that is soooo sweet! So - HI! Thanks for your thoughts, and yes I am totally fine. Great, even. My blog absence can be chalked up to my genius (or lack of).

My overhead flourescent lights went out last week and since I have a secret cat, I decided to change the light by myself. I pulled out my desk from against the wall in order to stand on it and change the light, and in doing so I ripped the phone cord that provides my internet. (But I now have lights! whoohoo!)

I enjoyed an internet-less break for about a week. I read three books. I went to bed earlier. I didn't have headaches from staring at the screen. But alas, life calls, and I today got everything situated to have internet at home again.

It's kind of a shame to not have documented the last week. It was full of funny interactions.

Here's some snippets:

I went with a friend to a new massage place last week. It was an oil massage, so I had to get naked. My massage lady was stoked to have a foreigner who spoke Chin.ese to rub down and she never stopped talking. Around question #5 or 6 she asked seriously, "Do you eat KFC often?" "No, I never eat KFC," I replied. "Then why are you so fat?" she asked, while rubbing my back fat. Awesome.

On the same night as the massage, I returned home to be chastised by a North Korean for, "Returning so late." He was standing in his pajamas in the hallway in a cloud of cigarette smoke and shook his head at me as I walked up the stairs. "It's not late! We are young! I got a massage," I said. "Oh," he replied as I walked away. I wonder what he thought. Am I wayward, being on the streets alone at night and getting massages? Or am I free? I'd love to be in those brains for just a second and see out. Or maybe not.

I made plans to meet up with a friend of mine at the wine bar down the road and arrived to find that she had made friends with the Japanese school faculty sitting at the table next to us. (She lived in Japan for awhile before Chi.na and likes to practice her language skills). The elderly Japanese principle was delighted to converse with us, even though his english was practically non-existent as well as his C.hinese. At one point, he asked us our opinions on Ch.ina. I said that living here is, "interesting." He looked at me knowingly and said, "I undahstand. You clev-ah." Then told us, "C.hinese so hard working. So activity. So poor. Why Why Why?" with his hands in the air in devastation. Then, he went into a laundry list of all the Americans he admires and likes. In this exact order, "Obama. Lincoon. Clintoon. Tigah Oods. BABE RUTH BABE RUTH BABE RUTH," with his arms in the air again. "Baseball, yes, baseball," my friend and I said, trying to stifle our laughter. We never got to have any personal time, but our hour with the Japanese principle was priceless. It's amazing how much you can say even when you aren't really saying much. And hearing what people know or think about America is always interesting. And now I want a Babe Ruth candy bar.

I left my bank card in an ATM and had to go to the bank to apply for a new one. I got a number, then asked for some assistance filling out the paperwork since I couldn't read past the simple stuff. A few giggly worker girls helped me after pushing each other toward me not wanting to approach the weird foreigner. The bank was busy (always is) and was really loud (like everywhere else). When my number was called and I stood from my place in the back of the waiting room, you would have thought an elephant entered the building. Everyone stopped. And stared as I made my way to the proper counter. "How did you know it was your turn?" the counter girl asked me. "I heard my number, like everyone else," I said. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," she replied as the comotion behind me began to resume and people lost interest in my every move. Weird experience.

Yesterday my friend Jessica and I were in a taxi to the fancy mall when another taxi pulled up beside us at a red light. The other driver called out to our driver through the open windows, "You have foreigners, where are they going?""The mall, they must be rich," our driver said, "It's my first time having foreigners!" He was really excited. They continued to discuss us until we both grew tired of it. "Why are you talking about us?" Jessica asked and the other driver said, "When we talk about you, you don't understand." "We do understand." "Do you like Chi.nese men?" the other driver asked. "No, you are too small," I said. And the other driver flicked his fingers to obviously mean a small wee-wee and laughed and drove away. That was awkward. "I meant your height is too small, not your penis," I said. And our driver nodded. He never said another word to us. Ha.

Other activities of note, I went to Shanghai for the goodbye lunch for this year's masters cohort. There was a speaker about job hunting and as I sat listening to him, I was overcome with a wave of, "I am doing what I love and I am on the right path." That was nice. We all need that every once in awhile.

I am officially on summer vacay. I only have one paper to write for one class and it isn't due until Fall. I'm going to get it over with soon, though. Also, the cleaner lady at the gym caught me checking out my arm muscles in the mirror today. We both laughed.

Here, have some pics....

I am thinking about buying some real estate in the, "Winner Mansion," hahaha...

late night snack street run...

the stairs are still happening! Jessica leaves Ch.ina soon (waa waaaaa) and we are continuing our weekend tradition of stairs until she leaves. Only now we do not wonder what it will be like on the wall, and we are going much, much slower!

Chin.ese take-out, Chi.na style. Scrambed egg and tomato, cabbage, rice. I'm learning to have dinner for one again.

Business lunch in Shanghai...

Happy Lemon makes the yummiest (calorie-est) drinks ever! I did not partake this time, but knowing Happy Lemon is in the train station, makes the commute a little happier...

The Shanghai train station was so empty I had to take a picture...

And who doesn't like a loofah face? While I was taking this picture, a man took my picture...

So, I'm back on the internet thanks to a new phone cord! I hope all has been well in your world!

walk slow. xoxo.


Miss Lynda and Mr. Al said...

We are so-o-o-o happy that you are back! We missed our girl, and we're not the only ones. Mr. Tom reads your blog every night, and Carol said he was getting worried, just like us, wondering where you were. And we are just a few! There are many joining you in your adventures. Lead on Jessica, and we will follow! :) Love you!

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